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Jiangsu Wanbao Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful coast of the Yellow Sea, rich in the Soviet Union in the land, "science and technology entrepreneurship, quality Founding, integrity Hongye" for the purpose, with strong financial strength, rich technology, super quality awareness, Extensive network of resources in the port, building materials machinery manufacturing industry is unique. For the domestic and international shipping, building materials, petroleum, metallurgy, thermal power, coal, chemical and warehousing transit and other industries to provide advanced technology, high quality, first-class service equipment.

The company passed the port handling machinery production license, special equipment manufacturing license” lifting machinery - gantry cranes(loading and unloading bridge), door crane - port portal crane”, Special equipment installation and maintenance of maintenance permits (bridge-type, door-type, door-frame, cantilevered cranes, light-small cranes), ISO9001 quality management system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification.

Eight series of port terminal loading and unloading industry production, more than 200 specifications of the "Wan Yun Bao" brand products, there are stacker, reclaimer and stacker- reclaimer series, there has specifications of bridge, door and bucket wheel type; ship loader series, specifications has tire mobile type, track mobile type, arc track type, front straight swing and rear straight swing, spiral chute bag ship loader, belt bag ship loader; ship unloader series, there has specifications of bridge grab unloader, bulk material pneumatic unloader, bulk material pneumatic unloader, bulk material metering device, tire type mobile transmission transit system, feeding device of the ship loader; grab series, there has specifications of wireless remote control, electric hydraulic, hand pull, rope multi-valve type, fixed-type, mobile hopper;

Domestic exclusive production of tire-type mobile ship loader, has the features of "scientific and technological benefits of environmental efficiency and efficiency", its technology and performance reached the international advanced level. It achieve more than twenty domestic utility models and invention patents of tire mobile ship loader, tire mobile feeding device, tire mobile hopper, tire mobile belt conveyor, tire mobile stacking device, spiral chute bag ship loader, electro - hydraulic two - way valve and electrohydraulic side discharge valve. The products capacity of 1000t / h mobile ship loader series is from 250 tons to 5,000 tons, and the rotary radius can from 25 meters to 56 meters, the products capacity of ship unloader series is from 300 tons to 2500 tons, the ship loader can from 300tons to 6000tons.

Company employs experts of research institutes, large and medium-sized institutions, professors as consultants, innovative products, improve product technology content. We have our own professionals for independent equipment research institutions and mechanical design, electrical design, mechanical calculation, process design, commissioning and after-sales service.

Since its inception, we have invested a lot of research funding each year, continue to carry out technological innovation. Decisive production and processing equipment, use the advanced production technology and advanced processing equipment such as CNC machine tools, heat treatment equipment, automatic shot blasting device, pipeline spraying system, to ensure that the product "precision, intensity, brightness". Pay attention to strengthen the training of staff, improve staffs ideological level and professional quality. To ensure that our products are better than peers in the technical content, manufacturing quality, service level. It is the best proof that we can establish long-term friendly and cooperative relations with many large and medium-sized enterprises, research institutes, such as Indonesia Kyoto International Maritime Trading Co., Ltd, CITIC Group, Changxing Group, Conch Group, Landscape Group, Tower Group, Red Lion Group, Taiwan Cement Group, China Resources Group...... Products exported to Australia, Indonesia, Russia, Brazil, Gabon, South Africa, Chile, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Vietnam, etc.

· • Entrepreneurship: Technology  quality   benefit  Reputation

· • Business philosophy: Science and technology pilot   Quality escort   Service guarantee

· • Company program: Technology entrepreneurship   Quality Founding  Integrity of the macro industry

· • R & D:A man without I have, people have my new, new others I advantages and strong

· • Quality Awareness;High technological content, excellent quality grade, performance indicators first, the appearance of the image of the United States

· • Service purposes; Fast arrival, commissioning standards, training qualified, tracking permanent

· • Staff style:Teamwork, mutual love, hard work and courage, excellence